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Originally posted by Todd.Hanz
I have used Nikon and Bushnell rangefinders for years while hunting in Colorado, it's amazing how you can misjudge the distance across a valley. I don't think they project a "beam" onto the subject but I may be wrong. I also don't know what the minimum distance is, which could come into play if close measurements are needed.
I think you have a good idea here, maybe you should market it! (I will need 10% of your gross sales for the idea )

I looked at the ones for 'hunting' and they seem to start measuring at like 30 yards and out to 1,000 yards. A good range for hunting - not so for a rangefinder camera that is already at infinity by 50 feet tops. They also say they are accurate to 9 yards either way. That's 18 feet plus/minus - the error rate covers the entire useful spectrum for a rangefinder camera! And man, they are expensive!

Great for hunting, I think...but...

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