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Ah looky looky
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Originally Posted by shadowfox View Post
Ivan, these are gorgeous.
"Novice" my foot

Do you mind adding paper, development, size, etc.?
I'd like it for this thread to be educational as well as enjoyable.
Wow. Thanks man. Appreciate that.

Well I ended up getting a huge box of paper, and a bessler enlarger a few years back. Most of the paper is expired Ilford Multi-grade IV RC 8x10 paper. The developer is Ilford PQ universal which was/is fresh. IIRC, I used a grade 3 filter.

I need to get back in there soon. I like printing.

edit: One of the boxes of paper I got was a 100 sheets of 5x7. I practiced with this size in smaller trays for a few sessions before I got the bigger paper.
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