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Yes, why is shooting with a digital camera automatically connected to shooting at high burst rate, no matter what, and simply picking the "best" shot afterwards?

What needs more brain cells? Composing an image with your digital camera and post-processing the RAW file with sophisticated software or snapping away with an auto-all film camera and then having the roll developed in a mini lab with the regular 9x13cm print?

What? You know this comparison the other way around?
See? You can turn everything around!

It all depends on the photographer!!

As far as sex-appeal is concerned, I am am convinced that it has nothing to do with the medium that is used (reason see above), it is the camera that is sexy (or not) and the photographer that feels it (or not).

My old Praktica M42 SLR? NOT sexy, sorry.
My old Nikon F? Pretty sexy.
My Nikon F65? Not really sexy.
My old Ricoh S-3? Oh yes, she's sexy!

My Canon EOS 5D? Good, but not sexy at all.
My Leica M8? Hrrrrrr, sexy, very much so!
My Nikon D3100? Great little cam, but not sexy, I'm afraid.
My Fuji X-E1? Hot, hot, hot! Probably the peak of sexiness.

You know what I mean?
Cheers, Kent
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