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Zeiss lenses VERY impressive, even compared to my Summicron!
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Zeiss lenses VERY impressive, even compared to my Summicron!

I had a chance to really test out the 55mm Zeiss 1.8 on my A7r and let me tell you it blows away anything I have tested on the camera so far. I even compared to to my current version 50mm Summicron and the Zeiss was sharper! The lens is very solid in feel being metal construction. My testes with wider lenses for M mount confirm that many of the m do not do so well. The 35mm v4 Summicron smudges at the edges, and forget the older 28mm Elmarits and b the 15mm Super Wide Heliar. The 35mm f1.2 Nokton V1 does better than the 35 Summicron and the 40mm Nokton is just as good and in some ways better. My Noctilux f1.0 is superb on the A7r. So looking at this, it seems best to stick with the Zeiss lenses and use the Noctilux and Nokton for certain shots that do not warrant a clinically sharp look. I can say right now that some of these Zeiss lenses are better than some of Leicas best offerings at a substantially lower price. It leaves me little choice but to invest in the Zeiss lenses. I am curious about the Maxxum SLR lenses on the Sony autofocus adapter. Anyone here use that combo and how are the results as compared to the Zeiss lenses designed for the A7/A7r?
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