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Many of the Maxxum/Dynax primes are highly praised and colour-matched to boot. Many designs are still being sold as Sony A-mount lenses. The 85/1.4, 35/1.4, multiple 100 and 135/2.8s are all amazing lenses. Much of the rest of the AF line are well-regarded, too. I don't have any to test, but I have been greatly interested in investing in the Minolta AF primes instead of the Zeiss FE primes. Problem is that they are still selling for amazing sums.

As for performance, retrofocus and other SLR-style lenses have pretty universally great performance on the A7 cameras. I've tested multiple Canon and Leica-R lenses on the system with no issues. Further, I'm getting decent results from my 50 and 90 Leica-M lenses. It's those RF-style wides that are really having the performance issues.
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