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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
In the US, I would think this is clearly not true. If anyone here knows of a camera brand, they know Nikon. DSLRs are still considered THE professional camera by anyone not in the know. After smartphones, DSLRs by Nikon or Canon seem to be the cameras I see the most here in the US and I'm into Photography.
Same in where I go in europe: I see Canon, Nikon, from time to time a Fuji, maybe a Sony and very rarely any other brand. You have more chance to see an old film camera or Polaroid than a Sony. I have seen at least 1 view camera, more than a Samsung dslr in the wild!

Likewise I see more compacts than bridge cameras. And tablets are going out compared to 3-5 years ago. Phones, yes, but more for snapshots, not someone who wants a photo to "endure". I mean more than just a selfie or photo of their meal/drink. Like a typical family holiday snap that you will look at or print in a book when you get home, those are more likely to be taken by dslr than a phone.
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