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Originally Posted by nasmformyzombie View Post
You are all missing the point about brand names. If a business doesn't properly adapt in a rapidly changing marketplace it will either lose significant market share or it will fail.

Again, for some perspective, read this.
You have posted that list twice.
Even Altria Group still has a market cap of $140.44 Billion USD, and they are selling tobacco!
WMT - $213.87B
AT&T - $252.44B
GE - $268.49B
MSFT - $498.66B
XOM - $344.95B
AAPL - $710.96B

How do you see any of these S&P stocks failing currently? Someday maybe, but not right now.

Nikon is like the corner mom and pop drug store compared to these behemoths, at only a $5.68B market cap. Canon much larger at $40.4 Billion market cap, Sony about the same. Panasonic $22.9 Billion.
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