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Originally Posted by nikonhswebmaster View Post
This is really a better read on Nikon than camera sites.
Personally if I had to guess, there is no future in converting analog cameras and lenses into digital, so even mirrorless has no future.

Check back in 10 years?

Originally Posted by nasmformyzombie View Post
Another Nikon fan who is missing the point. The point of the article is companies grow and contract based on quality of adaptation to changing market conditions.

For example, if you told someone in 1997 when Microsoft invested in its primary competitor Apple, that Apple would someday be worth much more than Microsoft you would have been laughed out of the room. How did it happen? Apple adapted to a changing market more effectively than Microsoft.
Not the point of the article you linked to, it is purely about market cap -- IMO. None of those companies have really contracted, only bigger ones like Apple have appeared. Market Share should not be confused with Market Cap. It's like confusing weather with climate change.

You aren't actually Michael Dell are you?
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