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Originally Posted by Archiver View Post
... it will be interesting to see how much of Panasonic's full frame camera is in a new SL, and vice versa. Very unlikely to be a direct rebrand like the lower end PanaLeicas, but it may share some internal circuitry or mechanisms like autofocus. ...
A re-branded "PanaLeica" with some firmware alterations for the Leica SL-2 is what I'd be expecting, but you could be right. It might be a "real" Leica built in Germany with its own unique shell as the original R cameras were (although their guts were pure Minolta by design). By doing this Leica could more convincingly demand the Leica branded price they want, then leave the "little people" to opt for the L mount (likely made-in-China) FF Panasonic.

Regardless, I'm standing by my prediction.
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