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The photo blogs sing hymm and praise to the Rollei 2.8f. This is the camera that is expensive. Sure.. itīs lens is faster, bokeh is better.
The legendary Rollei was the 3.5 though. Because when you worked w/ Rolleis you had at least 3 bodies in the field and probably more at the studio. You donīt have time to stop and reload.. you pick another camera and keep shooting. The 3.5 is slightly lighter i believe and less expensive so.. when you want 5 bodies you get the 3.5F. When you collect fampus cameras, you buy the 2.8F.
Irving Penn shot the 3.5. A nice one costs 1k now. A nice 2.8 costs 2k. Itīs mostly hype.

Camera gear was never about hype. The best cameras were the most expensive. Except leica which was just expensive but anyway... Nikon F pro series was expensive. Hasselblad was VERY expensive. Now you can buy 2 hassleblads for the price of a Contax T3.
Instagram and social media turned cameras into the focus of photography. Itīs hobbyism. Suddenly they will drop out of fashion.
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