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Originally Posted by B-9 View Post
Well played Godfrey!
With all the GA hype in my searches I nearly overlooked the GS models...
The "Wide 60" would meet the criteria well at the lower end of my budget.
Also does anyone who has a GS645 know if the odd 80's techno grip covering removable?
Glad to help. I may just have to buy one of these again for myself, you've gotten me thinking how much I liked the one I had so many years ago... I may have to acquire one. They seem fairly plentiful at reasonable prices. Darn you!

I made the mistake in my post before talking about the 45mm lens that I've corrected now. The 45mm model is scale focus only; the 60mm model has the rangefinder. For me, and I had four different Fuji GS/GA 645 cameras over the years, this was the best of them. Very nice handling, very nice lens, simple and reliable.

I don't recall there's anything removable on the grip. The tripod screw mount is on the end of the grip so it has to be a pretty sturdy.

BTW: Search for "Fuji GS645S instruction manual" and you'll find M.Butkus has the PDF file. I just sent in another donation ... he's provided a boat load of manuals for me over the years, so I post some money to the site now and then.

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