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Film Ferrania: Most delayed Kickstarter Product EVER? (2014-19)
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Film Ferrania: Most delayed Kickstarter Product EVER? (2014-19)

Have there been any other photography related Kickstarter campaigns with more delays??? I'm not talking about completely failed Kickstarters... I mean ones where the company is supposedly still trying to fulfill their promises to their backers... even years later.

Their Kickstarter campaign ended successfully in late 2014, and at the end of February 2019, there is still no color reversal film coming out of their little factory in Italy. They DID put out a small batch of P30 "alpha" B&W in 2017, which sold out quickly and has been unavailable for a substantial amount of time.

Their last update was December 28th of 2019, which makes this 2 months of silence and wondering what continuous production of P30 "by early 2019" actually means. So out of curiosity, does anyone know of another Kickstarter with a longer history? Think Film Ferrania will actually produce some color reversal film someday?
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