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Originally Posted by zuiko85 View Post
I have a question for Chris Crawford. How did you find the transition from an optical viewfinder to an electronic viewfinder? The few mirrorless cameras I've had a chance to look through have not been very impressive, at least compared to my OM-1 with an all matte screen, which is my benchmark. The latest electronic vf I've tried was a OMD-EM5 so I suspect there have been improvements. Unfortunately I live in the sticks and even finding a store that would have the Olympus line.....well I might have to travel several hundred miles roundtrip. That, I don't want to do.

I haven't used the OM-D EM5, so I can't comment on how it compares to the much newer Pen-F and E-M1 mk II viewfinders.

I don't think the electronic viewfinders are as clear and sharp as a good optical finder like that in the OM-1. For autofocus, they're fine, but for manual focus they're a bit of a pain.

Because its is near-impossible to judge sharpness on them when manually focusing, the Olympuses and many other mirrorless cameras offer a magnified mode on the EVF where it magnifies part of the image to facilitate manual focusing. Even with that, manual focus works best if you activate focus peaking (it can be turned on and off).

It works, but feels like a kludge. Also in very dim light, MF is hard. That's true also of many optical SLR finders, too, though.

So, my verdict is that the EVF in the newer Olympus cameras is ok. It takes some getting used to and if you only do AF, it works well. Its the price you pay for having such tiny, lightweight cameras.
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