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Originally Posted by Mcary View Post

Additionally it depends a lot on one's obligations for example someone might earn as much as someone else but live where the cost of housing is much lower thereby have more disposable income. Also other things such as the choice of a >20k vs a 30K+ vehicle can greatly affect a person's disposable income.
I don't know about anyone else, but I buy 30k+ vehicles when their sale value drops to <10k, in good shape, do whatever repairs and service are needed (usually ~5k), then drive them until they are worn out. I also only buy cars with cash money.

By doing this, the ownership of a fine car becomes relatively inexpensive. Much less expensive, in terms of utility vs expense, than buying a lot of high end photographic equipment.

Total cost when new: >60k
My cost @83k miles with all details taken care of and a couple of upgrades: 18k.

Still purring along nicely at 120K miles.

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