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Originally Posted by zuiko85 View Post
Thanks Chris, your real life experience with this emerging technology is worth more than all the advertising blurbs.
On the one hand, m4:3 appeals to me for the small size and short register distance. I'm of the "If I can mount it, I'll shoot it" school of fooling around with cameras. But it sounds like manual focus is problematic with electronic vf's, which sort of negates the advantage of being able to adapt any oddball lens I happen to come by. I'm sure
Olympus's modern m4:3 AF lenses are excellent but I'm a hobbyist and a cheapskate and don't want to pay the price of admission.
I also use a EM10 Mkii (same evf as the PenF) and as Chris mentioned mf can only be nailed with the magnifier mode. Just like the add on EVF for the Leica M camera!
I bought some adapters for the EM10 as I thought it would be fun to use my existing lenses, but the harsh reality is that the AF lenses work so much better. They are extremely sharp, focus perfectly and make for a seamless experience. The adapted lenses lose their native focal length eg a 50mm lens acts as a 100mm lens due to the crop, and are just fiddly to use. Very difficult to shoot w/ adapted wides, because once adapted they are no longer wides! Even my 18mm lens becomes a 36mm lens..
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