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Originally Posted by Ko.Fe. View Post
Best way to discuss the lens is to look at the pictures. In review pictures I did not find anything retro or lomo. As for sharpness, it is hard to judge for it by pictures at high iso and handheld. According to Huff, Canon R doesn't handle this lens well, but Panasonic S1 does.
This is new trend in reviews, which I don't like, but lens official sellers do . M mount lens on non Leica camera. I don't think it is the same, I don't take reviews like this as something I would see on my RF Leica.
I’m in agreement—stronger on the first point, less so on the second.

I’m not seeing anything in these photos that can really give me a conclusion on this lens. Can’t really tell sharpness or much of the bokeh, and only can spot a little bit of coma. Nice real-world pictures but nothing conclusive on what exactly makes this vintage. I’m just not seeing it.

At least whatever “character” doesn’t seem as pronounced as the Nokton, a lens I want to like more than I do. Is this supposed to replace the LTM Ultron ASPH?

As for M lenses on mirrorless cameras, I suppose that’s valuable info to many, but is completely irrelevant for me. I don’t know the mechanism why some lenses work better on some bodies than others, but I’d rather know how it handles on *my* camera. To each their own. (As an aside: are mirrorless shooters really using M mount lenses more than native mounts? A discussion for another thread)

Either way. I have enough 35s. Maybe I’m unique in this regard but I actually do like the ergonomic styling; looks a little like the old Nikkor S-mounts.

EDIT: I read the CameraQuest sales page on it, and saw Ko.Fe’s earlier post. I too assumed “vintage” meant image and not physical aesthetic, and the aspherical element threw me for a loop. Still, I’m not sure what this lens’ specific purpose is, between the 1.7 Ultron and the Nokton. Sometimes I have a really hard time keeping track of all of CV’s different offerings over the years.
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