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Originally Posted by raid View Post
Would a SL2 do anything special with M lenses, Cal, or is the SL sufficient?

I'm interested in eventually getting a SL2, but not as an upgrade because I intend to keep my SL. It remains a very capable camera.

The rumors are that Leica will be coming out with an APO 50 Lux-M, so a trend of APO lenses will extend from the SL to the M.

It is said by the landscape photographers who already shoot APO-SL Crons that these lenses offer a rendering that has increased contrast and perceived contrast in the in focus areas, and that the infocus to OOF is smooth in a magical way.

Look up a Jono Slack review of any APO SL Cron lens and included will be the Peter Karbe explaination of this APO enhancement in these lenses.
Also Jono has compared the APO 50 Cron-SL against the APO 50 Cron-M, and the winner is the APO 50 Cron-SL on a SL.

That said it seems to be an advantage to shoot a SL with "native" APO SL glass for best performance.

Now understand that landscape photographers tend to print big, and compound that with others photographers who don't print or only print small. What I'm trying to convey is that for most photographers the enhanced IQ, higher performance, higher resolution likely would not be utilized and would go wasted.

The above is why I will keep my SL. It is still a great camera and relivent even though it is only 24 MP.

BTW I know because I'm a printer how enhanced contrast boosts perceived sharpness. These APO lenses have this in the infocus rendering. Also my 50 Lux-SL is not marketed as an APO lens, but my observations suggest that it likely is an APO design.

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