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Originally Posted by analoged View Post
Guess beauty is in eye of the beholder, kinda like the R8/9...

I agree. I loved my Hunchback of Solms (R8).

Also people disregard how the advances have been passed down from the Leica "S" to the SL, and lastly to the M10. For example the Maestro processor with big buffer. The processor in the M10 is not new to me because I have been using it in my SL for the past 4 years or so.

When "Mike the skinny hipster" borrowed a three lens Leica "S" kit from Leica for a feature that would be published in the latest issues of Leica "S" magazine and LFI, Mike called me because I own a SL. Pretty much the same intuitive menues and layout. I was surprised how similar the two cameras were.

Now it seems the new SL2 even adopted the same three button on the left side as the CL. BTW I love the simple controls on the CL, even better than the SL because they are so simple and elegant.

Pretty much I dumb down the camera and remove all the stuff I don't need or never use. Pretty much I make my SL and CL like a film camera.

Already lots of haters that are die hard M users on the DP Review thread above that John posted.

If one understands the flow of technology and development one would see that the big advances first came out in the "S" then SL that are now in the newly released M10.

As far as glass goes the M-lenses win in speed with 28 Lux, 0.95 Noctilux, and 75 Noctilux, but know that all the L-mount Crons, even the wides, are all APO.

My 50 Lux-SL I kow is monsterously huge and heavy, but it is mucho smooth in rendering yet just as sharp as my 50 Lux-M ASPH. The 50 Lux-M ASPH was biting sharp and at times had aweful harshness in the OOF.

Read the Jono Slack review where he compares the APO 50 Cron-M against the APO 50 Cron-L. There is a clear winner and it wasn't the M-lens as great as it is.

No doubt in my mind which files will print bigger (SL2).

I will also say not everybody prints, and even fewer print big to transcend formats where enhanced IQ, increased resolution, and expanded tonality counts. Not for everybody...

I would even argue that for the 75 Noctilux that my SL would be a better platform for nailing the focus wide open. I actually tried this lens on my SL. At F1.2 the 75mm FOV has mucho shallow DOF. I would expect a lower "hit" ratio with a rangefinder. I find the zoom in much more accurate than focus peaking.

I find it rather amusing how people can hate the SL and SL2 already and love the M10. Pretty much a lot of the same camera.

I have a friend who owns a SL who then later bought a M10. He agrees that pretty much they are more alike than different. BTW he favors the SL over the M10 and with the M10 has buyer's remorse.


POSTSCRIPT: How many years do you think will pass until a M11 comes out with a 47 MP sensor? I say 4-5 years. Meanwhile later this year the SL2 will start becoming available. Ha-Ha.
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