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Originally Posted by Out to Lunch View Post
Who needs a 47MP sensor? To those who do, and to those who think they do...I wish them all the best.

Even maximizing my MM which is only 18 MP without a Bayer filter array I can print big (20x30 on 24x36 sheet). With some files I wish I had a 44 inch printer.

A friend of mine shoots a Hasselblad H1. The digital back is not so many when compared to a H5. He says sometimes it is about the size of the pixel verses how many.

Surely 47 MP exceeds many users requirements. Not that I have to defend being a SL owner/user or prove how crazy some SL, or already SL2, hater's logic is irrational.

Simple fact is that given some time M-bodies a few years out will likely have 47 MP sensors.

I agree 47 MP is crazy and serious overkill.

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