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Originally Posted by CameraQuest View Post
not when the serial number went beyond the last production number. Nikon stocked replacement SP parts for decades. Top, front, and backs were among the most needed replacement parts. I have new Nikon F replacement top plates thousands of numbers beyond the last official F number.

What is the last production number?

I don't doubt that some SPs got replacement top plates, but I've never seen an SP with a 623xxxx serial number that didn't also have entirely F style parts (self timer lever, advance lever, ASA dial, shutter speed colours, etc.) not seen on earlier SPs.

Mikio Kuno covers this in his "Everything About Nikon Rangefinders" book first published in 1990. He states that 994 reissue Nikon SPs were manufactured in 1964, and the serial numbers of this reissue batch start with 623xxxx.

The serial number jump from 622xxxx to 623xxxx seen with the reissue batch of 994 SPs is also consistent with the serial number jump from 631xxxx to 632xxxx seen with the "Olympic" reissue S3s.
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