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Originally Posted by jonmanjiro View Post
A slight exaggeration methinks... there's just one spring under the shutter speed dial

The same thing happened to me while travelling in Sicily a few years back. I reassembled it in about five minutes and used a tooth pick to tighten the single screw that holds everything in place, and it hasn't given me any trouble since. Anyone somewhat mechanically minded should be able to reassemble it IMO. I then ate an ice cream and enjoyed the rest of my day in Taormina.
Something similar to this happened while using my ZI today. When trying to adjust the ISO value by pulling up the shutter speed dial, I noticed that the top-most disc with the shutter speeds was loose and rotates freely over the rest of the dial.

I see two small holes in the center fastener that look they are meant for adjusting/tightening the dial and the disc on top. The problem I see is getting the shutter speed disc properly aligned with the rest of the dial so that the shutter speeds are correctly selected. Any ideas?
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