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Originally Posted by peterm1 View Post
Cool, thanks.

Hmmmm I would not be so sure I can remember which camera? I cannot completely recall but am inclined to think it was an SLR - either a Nikon F or a Pentax. But its been a few years and I am struggling. Can you say? I still have the DVD so could get off my bum and watch it but am too lazy.

Yep, on checking the internet, I just found this pic and I can see a pentaprism on the camera but the image is too low res and I cannot read the logo though I think it is more likely to read Nikon.
Definitely a Nikon SLR... or perhaps more than one? I was quite sure I saw a Nikon F2 w/ metering prism (scene inside embassy, e.g.) ...

( of my selfies had the same artifact. Does that mean I should buy a steel neck guard?)
I guess a steel neck guard is never wrong!


Reinforced by this image from behind the scenes

... and this is a Nikon F w/ plain prism!?

Hm, were there two different Nikons? Probably we have to re-watch it AGAIN
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