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Originally Posted by dd786 View Post
...... I had just found a Bronica SQAI .........
Apparently itís his uncles camera. He was a wedding photog... this worries me. I always read that buying cameras from pro photos who made money shooting was a bad idea because everything was probably HEAVILY used.
Years ago I bought a Bronica SQA which was represented as well used but working perfectly. When I opened the box, my initial thought was that of a 10 year old NYC taxi. VERY well used. But it worked flawlessly for 6-7 years. My camera repair guy said "don't try to fix what is not broken". He had a lot of Hasselblad customers but always said the Bronica's were more reliable. I only sold it after it has sat unused for 2-3 years as I was using a Mamiya 7.
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