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Negative type film I try to slightly over expose. When I used transperancy film I would one-half to maybe one stop under expose.

With digital I work at achieving adequate balance throughout each exposure. The histogram is a good tool because the image on the screen doesn’t accurately show what the exposure is with the RAW file. Digital I slightly under expose.

My tastes, I hate it when I see a photograph of people in the foreground with blown out or, at the very least, over exposed background. The sky is usually not white! I see this a lot and it just shows the lack of discipline the photographer brings when making the photograph. But it was easy for me to point this out to prospective clients and many hired me just because of the care I showed when making photographs for a very important event. They didn’t care about my equipment or technical and creative skills. They liked the photographs I made.

At any rate, there you have it. Now go and make beautiful photographs.
I make photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.
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