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Some people have said that they don't have any problems talking about creative problems that require emotional support. So why don't we see more threads here on RFF, on APUG (ok, Photrio), on DPreview, on Facebook groups, on Luminous Landscape, etc. where guys are offering emotional support on their photography, whether it's related to the business side of things or to the artistic side of things? Because I don't see the threads. Where are the threads?!

On the contrary, I do see flame wars about gear (camera company 1 vs. camera company 2, what's the right way to do X?, film vs. digital, mirrorless vs. DSLRs, etc.) and people getting touchy about the photography industry (company A is going to go out of business because XYZ, company B should go out of business because XYZ). I'm betting that internet forums would be a lot nicer and more creative if guys were more emotionally supportive and could deal with their emotions together.

peterm1 raises the topic of stoicism, which is something that I want to learn more about. I'm not sure that stoicism underlies mens' behavior in general these days; I thought peoples' renewed interest was based on it having been forgotten.
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