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Adapter for a LTM 35
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Adapter for a LTM 35

Hi there, Iíve been following RFF for advice and help for the past year. I typically find my answer to any question without ever having to write a post. However, this one Iím a bit stumped over.

I have some LTM lenses two 35ís (1935 Elmar and 1950 summaron) and a 28 Nikkor 3.5. I found a 13.5 (135mm) adapter that was made for an m3 Iím assuming. It doesnít have the M2 21-35 marking on it, just 13.5.

Now I know that 35/135 are corresponding frame lines in my M4. Will this early adapter that just indicates 135 bring up my 35mm frame line? If I understand correctly it should, right?

ALSO I know this Leica adapters are a bit tough to come by. It seems the Voigtlander ones are just as tough. I need another for a 50 Elmar. I havenít really been able to find an answer to that brand of adapters are OK. I donít know if I want to put down the $80 for one of those Rayqual ones if it is just as good as a fotodiox $14 adapter. And is there any real difference other than 6bit coding between the $14 fotodiox and the $30 fotodiox pro? There arenít many reviews on these adapters.

Iím sorry if this has been posted before, I just didnít find a suitable answer. Finding the lenses was the easy part...finding an adapter seems to be the tough one!

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