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Originally Posted by Dan Daniel View Post
Ha- the Terry Richardson creep-o-meter test stand!
You got me. I laughed.

Originally Posted by Keith View Post
It is sad because the Rollieflex is a camera that creates a siren call that can't be ignored when you get into photography. I guess that won't really change because there will always be used ones available I guess.

I got to the stage where I had to have one and finished up buying a D model from David Murphy a couple of years ago. Such a tactile camera to shoot with ... nothing like it IMO.

That said, from what I saw of those factory shots I didn't get a sense of organisation or efficiency. It all seemed a little hap hazard to my eyes.
I have a feeling that whoever is staging the auction probably pulled out stuff from all over the place to take photos. That and people leaving their jobs obviously aren't going to bother tidying everything up once they've taken what they needed.
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