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Originally Posted by ChipMcD View Post
This is an announcement of the auction of the machinery and equipment of the Rollei plant and a listing of the types of machinery available. It's not a sale of a going business, just the equipment, so I think the OP's opinion re: finality is probably correct. The notice states that "know-how" packages (proprietary information, I guess, and perhaps intellectual property) and work in progress will be sold separately. If German insolvency proceedings work like US bankruptcy, they likely would have attempted a sale of the entire business first. A sale of individual articles of equipment suggests that there were no takers on the whole package. Guess my Rolleiflex 3.5F and MVS-EV cameras may have become even more valuable, because we've likely seen the last Rollei TLRs. Guess that is not news though.
I doubt the older versions will appreciate much due to this event, I suspect few people in the market for a new $8000 camera will turn to the old used versions. Maybe the last examples will eventually demand a premium, but I really don't think so - I can't imagine many were selling, given the outcome.
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