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Tom Abrahamsson - Rangefinder Royalty
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Tom Abrahamsson - Rangefinder Royalty

Camtec Photo of Montreal recently put into words what most everyone at RFF already knows -

Tom Abrahamsson: Rangefinder Royalty Visits Montreal

A short while ago, I was surprised to see the always active and chipper Tom Abrahamsson and his lovely wife Tuulikki walk into the boutique for a visit. Tom, a legendary industrial designer and fan of everything rangefinder, created a line of high quality accessories including the M rapid winder and an assortment of Softie shutter releases which we happily stock.

Tom has a longtime friendship with Cosina’s Hirofumi Kobayashi and is instrumental in the development of Voigtländer rangefinder lenses. His input helps make these lenses the groundbreaking, ingenious and desirable optics that we enjoy today.


Rangefinder Royalty Indeed!
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