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Of the cameras I've got today, I got the:

1) Nikon F301 for the built in winder, the flash metering and the versatility of it.

2) The Ricoh 500GX 'cos it's dinky and has full manual control as well shutter priority and it only needs a battery for the meter.

3) The Agfa Super Silette, Agfa Super Solinette, Praktica FX2, Gevaert Gevabox 6x9 mk1, Ferrania Elioflex mk1 and the Welta Perle 6x9 for the challenge of making different cameras that need different methods of use to produce reasonable photos.

4) The Ansco Super Regent 'cos it's a re-badged Agfa Super Solinette and for some reason that appealed to me.

5) The Ensign Selfix 1620 'cos it's 6x4.5, has a big viewfinder and I thought I ought to have a British camera.

6) The Welta Weltax (Rheinmetall) originally to use as a 6x4.5 but the viewfinder mask doesn't work quite well enough so now I'll be using it as a 6x6, which is convenient as now i can hold it vertical and my nose won't get squashed up against the body so I'll actually have a decent view through the tiny viewfinder.

7) The Minolta 110 Zoom SLR MK2 as it's the best specified 110 camera you can get and I wanted to try one. Mine only cost 25 plus about 5 p+p, and it's more or less 'mint'!

8) The Weltax, Perle, Gevabox, 500GX (and possibly the 16-20) for their ability to do multi-exposures.
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