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Hey Rover,
If you have four SRTs, then getting a couple of normal MD 1.4s is a really good goal. KEH will have them, if one dosen't turn up on Ebay or at a garage sale. I've been offered Minolta lenses for $5 at camera swap meets.

I bought an SRT/50 1.4/135 2.8/F2 Domke Bag for both of my sons, when they were taking high school photography classes. My younger son wanted an SRT100 (Same camera as Dad) and wanted it covered in Cameraleather Brown Alligator. Older son went for the SRT202, no recovering.

Get 'em going and take 'em out.

Originally Posted by rover View Post
You guys have me shopping again. I have 4 SRTs currently, a 102, 201, and a pair of 101s, a black and chrome set. I went looking for a clean 58/1.4 and I don't currently have a Rokkor X 50/1.4 which is my favorite SLR 50.

I may have to close this thread if the GAS gets too bad.
“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
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