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120 / 220 film RF's 120 / 220 format rangefinders including Fuji, Koni-Omega, Mamiya Press, Linhof 6x7/6x9 cameras, Mamiya 6/7 among others, but excluding the 120 folders and the Voigtlander 667 cameras that have their own forums.

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Whats a good bounce flash for the Mamiya 6?
Old 04-04-2006   #1
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Whats a good bounce flash for the Mamiya 6?

Hi guys,

Whats a good but cheap bounce flash for the Mamiya 6?


also, many thanks to everyone who has been replying to my questions lately!
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Wayne R. Scott
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I am not sure what you mean by bounce flash, I am going to assume you want one with flash head that will tilt up at various degrees to a maximum of 90 degrees.

Vivitar 283/285HV are standard cheap work horses.

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How cheap are you looking for? Are you looking for small, powerful, what? The Vivitar 283/285 flashes are indeed good. They aren't all that large, and good ones can be purchased relatively inexpensively on the 'bay or at reputable dealers. Sunpak also made some that were good, to my personal experience. I am sure other manufacturers made flashes that users here can speak of from personal experience. It would help if you could be more specific as to what you want besides bounce.
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Advantage of Sunpak is that they both tilt and swivel. You can bounce off a ceiling or a wall ... or a wall behind you. Still in production, too. You can accomplish the same feat with a Vivitar 283 if you also get the extension cord for the auto-thyristor sensor ... you put the sensor in the hot shoe pointed at the subject, and the flash can be pointed just about anywhere.
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I would also recommend the vivitar 2000, for even lighter and cheaper ($20. new!)flash. Still has swivel head, but lower gn. I use this for most of my fill needs.
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Old 04-11-2006   #6
eric mac
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I've been using the classic Vivitar 283 pointed straight up with an index card to reflect some light forward. I open up a stop and no longer have those harsh shadows .

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Same here as olmanwompa: get the Vivitar 2000. Small, compact, inexpensive. I use a synch cord, but it's great. Not bulky like the 283 or 285. Auto and manual settings works great. Use a rubber band and a bounce card, and the images are superbly lit (depending on closeness and shutter speed).

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Metx 32
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Metx 32

I would recomend the Metz 32 models, there is one with a tilt head that is perfect for bounce flash. Its small light and the awesome thing with metz is its cut off sensor, which practically works like ttl on any camera. Try Ebay for less than $100.
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Having used the 283/285 vivitars I think they are great, low cost, high power, excellent exposures in auto mode.
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