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Newcomer would like advice on Rangefinder.
Old 08-11-2005   #1
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Newcomer would like advice on Rangefinder.

Hi all.

I'm looking to firstly find out if my rangefinder is worth being fixed and if not, what rangefinder you would recommend to me in about a 100 max budget.

I have a Konica Auto S2. Unfortunately the shutter will not depress (don't know why, it was okay) and the lightmeter works sometimes and not others (I have replaced the battery with modern day equivilant). The camera belonged to my grandad and I'm keen to get it fixed if economical, but I see them fairly cheap on Ebay. I haven't taken it to the shop yet, but if they can fix it, surely it will cost around 50 and is that worth it?

The camera itself is quite heavy, the only thing that bothers me. It has a fast lens and one of fairly high quality, I'm led to believe?

What to do?

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Old 08-11-2005   #2
Brian Sweeney
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You can buy a Konica S2 for under $50 in good working condition, but it will not have belonged to your Grandad. If you spend the money to get it repaired by a good shop, you will have one in top condition, better than the "random" $50 camera, and it IS your Grandad's camera. Get the estimate. Here in the US, Essex charges $70 for repair of your S2. I am sure you can get the work done closer to home.

The camera is first rate, and probably has the sharpest lens of the fast fixed-lens RF cameras. The viewfinder is unique in that the framelines change size and position to reflect the change in field-of-view as you focus. Other cameras correct for parallax, but not for the change in the magnification, as you focus.

Konica S2 wide-open:


Stopped Down:
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Old 08-11-2005   #3
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Thank you Brian. I'll go and get a quote.
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Old 08-11-2005   #4
P C Headland
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I agree with the previous answer - even if it does cost more than buying another, you cannot put a value on the sentimental value.

Unless it is some outrageous amount, I'd pay to get it fixed. With a CLA, you'll end up with a decent camera, something of sentimental value, and a camera that should work fine for another 30 years.

Have it repaired - you'll hate yourself if you don't
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Richard Black
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Imagine your son or daughter receiving this at some point in their lives. Write down where and when you got it, get it fixed and by all means use it. Document your life, your parents if you can, and their lives. It will have a history and will be cherished. My father gave me his Mamyia Sekor C330f and some lens, and they are heavy, but I use them for their optics as well as a connection to him. You won't regret.
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Old 08-11-2005   #6
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Right, I'm convinced! I've booked it in to be quoted on, fingers crossed it comes out fairly cheap.

Thanks all.
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Old 08-11-2005   #7
rangefinder camera magnet
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It has some sentimental value to it that you cant put a price on it. If you cant get it fixed locally you may want to ship it to this person in the states. He probably has worked on more of these than anyone, I think he has repair prices on his site
Oh yes, the lens is very good on this camera. You can pass it down to your grandchild next as well.
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David Doler
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If you don't fix it, you'll feel bad.
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