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Sony NEX APS-C format For the many Sony fixed lens digital compact cameras

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Sony DSC-F707
Old 01-16-2014   #1
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Sony DSC-F707

So I've been playing around with this old, old camera for a bit. And strangely enough, I'm absolutely loving this 2/3", 4x3, CCD sensor and its output. The lens is okay, and I'm mostly keeping it at the 50mm end of the zoom. No hot shoe. Not customizable. Getting a little GAS attack for another 4x3 CCD camera.

Has anyone ever used the Sony F828? I noticed it has a CCD with an RGBE array. The "E" stands for emerald, which is a little more cyan. Might be a fun one if I can find it for a good price.

Is the M9 the last produced CCD camera? Are MFT cameras the only cameras with a 4x3 option? (I'd prefer to shoot 4x3 instead of cropping in post, even if I'm cropping during capture).
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A friend of mine had one for many, many years -- great lens and (for the time) large sensor: good IQ was as simple as that, back in the days.

He stopped using it when he couldn't get enough large memory chips for a long trip...

Life is too short for cheap film

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While many reviews are as old as the camera -they are quite glowing. In fact, it seems to be quite the loved camera. Bodily, it has a George Lucas charm all its own! The sample images look quite nice.

All this makes me wonder ... going back a decade or so -what might be some other digitals that might be relevant today (from the perspective of turning out some pleasant images)? Might the OP post some from this camera?

Maybe a challenge is afoot? RFF >10 Digichallenge?
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Gerry M
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After taking a peek at this thread, and altho this doesn't quite fit the category, I realized that I had forgotten about my Sony R1 (no X!). CMOS + Zeiss that produce top quality images. Foggy today, but I had to go out and shoot a couple anyway. Images, that is! Thanks for the reminder.
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I owned the DSC f700
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I owned the DSC f700

i used it and liked it a lot. I had one that was part of a recall, where it would focus and then when the shutter was pushed it would jump out of focus. There was a large serial number list that was affected by this fault, and mine went in for the fix. Sony replaced everyting inside the lens barrel.

It was such a fine camera for it's time, I drooled over the f828 for the extra megapizels, but I refrained from purchasing it because a nasty penchant for "purple fringing" which was the term for lots of purple at the edges of much contrast change. Not sure I have that exactly right.

I also did want to buy the Sony R1 which was the first fixed lens APS sensor camera in the market. Did not sell well, partly because the LCD popped up and swiveled on top of the camera. Looked like a damn drive in theater screen. Good camera though. After all is was a first for APS in am under $1000, and it was a Sony Sensor.
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Gerry, same here..

Yep I also still have a r1.. Still keeps on going.. One of the things I like about it is how the LCD is setup. It can be set to be top look down like a tlr.. Unlike today's normal flip LCD, this one is designed so it is right over the pseudo slr housing. When not in use, flip it the other way and totally protected.

I still use mine occasionally. It is the oldest digital camera I still use out side of maybe the new to me Olympus epl1 (recent bought as an IR camera).

Panasonic LX100, Sigma Foveon, Fuji X and Panasonic CM1
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Originally Posted by burancap View Post
Might the OP post some from this camera?
Here are a couple recent shots. I only have a 32mb card, so these are jpegs (straight out of the camera); I can only get one or two tiffs to the card. No raw ability.
I will say, the OOF grain looks rather filmic at native resolution. Good DR, though these snaps don't show it off.

Images retracted.
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