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Which digital compact camera should I buy?
Old 09-11-2013   #1
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Which digital compact camera should I buy?

hello dear all,

Well, I'm stuck in a photographic mid-live crisis! Despite being an all-analog camera junkie since the last 5 years, I must admit that I just can't find the time to process , edit, print, scan etc ..all my films. Also, after 5 years of film only cameras, I see myself enjoying my girlsfriend x100 very much! (seeing directly the picture you just made, tweaking your exposure or reframing on the spot if it doesn't do it, is actually quite nice...)
So, I decided to sell some of my stuff (including some nice MF cameras etc) to buy a digital camera

So, I'm thinking of 3 cameras right now:

Sony RX1

Pros: Full Frame, compact, 35mm
It doesn't bother being a single lens camera, as I'm used to mostly shoot with one 35mm lens anyway.


Expensive, would have to sell a lot of cameras (including my leicas) to afford it..

Ricoh GRD:
pros : very compact
cons: 28mm focal lens (I like 35 better),

Fuji Xe1:
pros :compatible with my leica lenses
cons: not as much resolution as a rx1
( I would have the option to print very large if I intend to...)

Of cours digital Leica would be my prefered choice,. But I think those are just overpriced right now...
What do you think? What would be your choice?
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James B - MPLS, MN
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With digital rot being what it is, get the leica you really want, especially if you will desire to use you m glass. The Rx1 is the only one of the bunch that will compare to an M9, and in some regards best it, but there is a lot to be said for being able to switch lenses, especially m lenses! But in the end you've gotta get the one you want most, if you buy for any other reason you will have regrets and likely end up losing money selling and rebuying
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Paraphrasing a comment on a podcast I heard recently: the ideal digital camera is the model that is released after the one you buy.

Sony looks a nice camera, but at a price.

If you already have M mount lenses a Leica M-E or used M9/M9P would seem the obvious choice.

A second Fuji X100 or X100s?
The Fuji XE-1 is a very nice camera. With a well taken picture 16Mb will allow you to make huge enlargements. Like the Sony, no optical viewfinder though.

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Old 09-11-2013   #4
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If 35 is what u shoot a lot.. U already know the x100 and enjoy it, I would go w/ the original x100 if u want a Bayer sensor camera or the x100s if u want all the improvements w/ the 16mp xtran sensor.

All the cameras u have mentioned are 16mp except the rx1. So your print big issue is there for all others as well..

I guess a lot depends on how big u really print. I don't print that big...13x19 is my max. I have heard of people printing much larger than that from both the xe1 and x100.

Cameras that have at least a hot shoe, like the gr and rx1 u can at least put a ovf on it.. The gr has a focus confirmation light that an be seen from corner of your eye when using a ovf setup. I can't remember if the rx1 has that setup w/ the focus confirmation light. The gr has a crop 35 mode, but that is only really handy for framing using the LCD, since u are going to end up w/ 10mp image. If u end up using a ovf, u maybe better off to crop later in edit.

The Fuji xe1 is evf/LCD camera. The evf is better then the x100. In terms of your Leica lenses on it, no one ever complains of issues that I am aware of from 35 on up, the range from 24-28 seems to e a grey zone, some people are happy and other as not. Below 24, definitely corner issues start appearing, so ymmv.. The Fuji has just announced the 23f1.4 (35 fov) lens.. Currently available for pre-order.

Given your preference for 35mm, if I were u, my order of preference would be..

- x100/x100s
- xe 1
- rx1
- gr digital

If u are concerned about how big u can blow up a 16mp image on any of these cameras, then why not go to a camera store w/ your sd card and ask if u can take some shots.

Good luck
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Old 09-13-2013   #5
Fazal Majid
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I have the Leica M typ 240, the RX1, the X-Pro1, Leica X1 and the Fuji X100S (and previously the X100). The one I'd recommend is the X100S. Great sensor, great autofocus, built-in viewfinder, compact enough thanks to the pancake lens design to fit in a jacket pocket. It's my everyday carry camera.
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Old 02-22-2014   #6
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I have the Ricoh GR, and I love it. The lack of AA filter creates an extremely high level of sharpness, along with its stunning lens.

There is a 35mm crop mode that internally crops the field of view down to 35mm, and it works very well. With crop, it's like a m43 sensor at 35mm equivalent in terms of depth of field and sensor size.

AF is slow in the dark, with a lot of racking of focus and hunting. And often it misses focus if the scene is too dark or there is not enough contrast in the focus area. But in daylight and most well lit situations, it's very fast.

Image quality is just gorgeous.

I don't have the RX1 or X-E1, and while I've considered the RX1 to get the full frame look and IQ benefits, I'm still very happy with the GR as it fits easily into a pocket or on a belt.
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Leica X2 is also a good candidate

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Old 02-24-2014   #8
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Originally Posted by Archiver View Post
AF is slow in the dark, with a lot of racking of focus and hunting. And often it misses focus if the scene is too dark or there is not enough contrast in the focus area. But in daylight and most well lit situations, it's very fast.

Image quality is just gorgeous.

I don't have the RX1
But what you wrote quite nicely describes the RX1, too.
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