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Originally Posted by AlwaysOnAuto View Post
Cal - I'd love to see a big picture of your avatar just to see what cameras are hung on you.
Hmmm, it's been a long time... I'd have to dig for that one.
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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
Hmmm, it's been a long time... I'd have to dig for that one.

I never thought I would be a poster boy for cameras or a camera model, but I can also see that shot commercialized as a T-shirt.

Never thought of myself as a NYC tourist attraction, but my guess is people come from all over the world to see and meet people like me. LOL.

"Vintage Hipster"
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I don't have much of an explanation, how about an apology?
My current avatar is a heavily edited photo of me that I made just around the time I first joined here. Shot with a Kiev 4a and J-8 lens. I've used a few different versions of this over the years.


You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.
--Mark Twain
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Selfie in Las Vegas, NM by Mike Connealy, on Flickr

I attended a caffenol workshop a few years ago in Las Vegas, NM. The day's photo assignment was to shoot a roll of film in an hour for caffenol developing. It was suggested that one frame of the roll should be a selfie to help identify who the film belonged to. For my last shot on Acros with my Argoflex Forty I set the camera on a newspaper box and tripped the shutter at arm's length with a cable release.
Mike Connealy - Photography & Vintage Film Cameras
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Originally Posted by Sumarongi View Post
… Your avatar is a cochlea, I guess?
Yes. I had cochlear implant surgery (one ear) Jan2017. Thought it would make a good avatar for me.

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What my grandson sees when he looks at me (and takes my picture.)

Interestingly, though I have gotten used to seeing it, it doesn't look anything like what I imagine myself to look like.
You gotta love a fast lens;

It is almost as good as a fast horse!
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Originally Posted by Pioneer View Post
What my grandson sees when he looks at me (and takes my picture.)

Interestingly, though I have gotten used to seeing it, it doesn't look anything like what I imagine myself to look like.
I was thinking the friendly fellow on the avatar must be a celebrity, perhaps a movie or TV star, since I was believing to see a deal of resemblance to the *Dallas* character *Clayton Farlow*
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In the town where I live there is an art installation in an underpass beneath the railway line. The installation consists of a matte glass wall with led lamps behind it positioned in a matrix to look like pixels. On the other side of the underpass two video cameras are facing the glass wall. When people walk past their images are transferred to the pixel screen. So I put myself in front of one of the cameras facing the glass wall and shot a picture of myself from behind. I used a Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 with Impossible colour film for this shot.
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webOSUser webOS Palm Pre
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webOSUser webOS Palm Pre

My avatar is a first generation Palm Pre smartphone on a Touchstone wireless charger. It was my first smartphone. and ran webOS 1.45 as I remember.
PalmPreOnTouchstone by Steven Wagner, on Flickr

Last edited by webOSUser : 03-21-2018 at 15:51. Reason: Attaching a larger picture and editing text.
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Not much to explain here, that's me and my late pal Coleman (I called him Cole) taking a break to absorb the beauty of the Smokey Mountains.
Cole was a rescue from a kill shelter, his time was almost up. He seemed to understand this and presented to us the depth of his personality, a real salesman. I miss him every day....
Mike Blache'
N.H.S. member

“Light scratches consistent with age and wear”

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