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Repair / Camera Care This is a good place to discuss the care and repair of your photo gear. You can share Do-It-Yourself repair and maintenance, as well as your recommendations for pro repairs. This new forum was created 4/1/07. PLEASE title your thread wisely, so others searching for a certain make of camera or repair person can find your thread easily!

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Yashica Lynx 14E parts/advice
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Yashica Lynx 14E parts/advice

Hi Guys, this is my first post here so I hope i'm putting it in the right place

I have a collection of old film cameras but particularly like the old rangefinders and have become pretty good at pulling them apart and doing DIY fixes, but this time I may have taken on a bit of a lost cause..

I bought a Lynx 14E off ebay, it looked OK and the description was a bit vague. It arrived and I found the following issues:

Batteries left in the meter had leaked everywhere and rotted the wiring out-pretty typical and after a clean up its not too bad, I've fixed worse.

Aperture blade loose inside the lens-on dissasembly the brass pivot pin is gone and the hole where it was has cracked through, so I need a new blade or will have to make one.

The worst problem that was immediately evident on a top-down look, was the lens housing was bent, once I had the lens completely stripped apart I found the shutter housing (a piece of very delicate machined aluminium on which the whole weight of the lens attaches) had been subjected to a violent shock at some point, which has cracked the housing and bent it.

I'm guessing from the lack of marks to the body the camera has been dropped inside its case onto the lens to do this kind of damage.

So I need a new aperture blade and a new shutter housing...can anyone suggest a source of parts? I have a couple of saved searches on ebay for a parts camera...

From what I have read the Copal SVE wasn't that common as a shutter and was fitted to high end expensive machines.

I'm just wondering if there was any interchangeability between the SVE and the more common SV?

Any help greatly appreciated,


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Robert, I have one I'm willing to let go of. PM me if your interested. Everything but the meter is working. I use a hand held.

Lynx 14 by Carlos Yashinon, on Flickr
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