dropped a lens!
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back alley
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dropped a lens!

just dropped my fuji 60 macro lens onto a hard tiled floor, from about table height...it hit flat onto the back lens cap and seems fine so far. no rattles, still auto focuses.
i'll have to shoot with it a bit and see what happens.

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Roger Hicks
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Commiserations. On the other hand, good lenses can withstand appalling abuse, if you're lucky. My 35 Summilux pre-aspheric survived a 1.5 metre drop onto granite cobbles in Prague, and Geoffrey Crawley lost his in the bilges of his boat for 6 months.


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Camera hacker
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My DR Summicron survived a 1.5m fall to a marble floor in one of Saddam Hussein's command buildings outside the city of Fallujah in 2004. Lens fell onto the hood, bent it, then bounced and deformed the mounting flange.
Nothing that a few minutes with a bench vise, channel locks and a small sharp file couldn't fix.
The lens performed fine with a tight spot through the rest of that deployment. I lapped the helicoid with a bunch of toothpaste after I returned to the states then sent it to Sherry K along with my M4 (that suffered different assaults itself) and she said the lens was still focusing perfectly throughout the range. I have a few ten thousand images that say the same thing.
The marble floor however, did not get off so lucky...

Phil Forrest
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Probably should shoot a few photos to test the lens but I bet it's okay. I can't begin to remember the number of times I dropped manual focus Nikkors back when I was shooting Nikons (that was a long time ago) and they always survived.

I recall reading the Lens Rentals blog sometime in the past in which they tore down a Fuji 55-200 that had suffered some terminal abuse and was therefore non-functional--I think it had been immersed in water. They were impressed with how it was put together, comparing it to (IIRC) the AF Leica lenses for the SL in build.
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back alley
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seems to be ok so i guess time will tell...maybe it's a sign to start using another lens for my lunch time shooting.
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Sounds like a lucky landing. Hitting flat on the lens cap probably distributed the impact force evenly to the strongest part of the lens –*the metal body. Symmetry counts.
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Sounds like a lucky escape, Joe. I'd reward the lens with more use
just give me good light and a roll of film
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I hope you are lucky, and nothing happened. In my dropping experience how it hits is most important.
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Out to Lunch
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It happened to me a few years ago in Paris....a CV all metal 1.4/40 with the hood attached. It survived.
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Seems to be the quirks of fate. I've dropped lenses (and camera bodies) from what I'd consider appalling heights with no ill effects. By the same token, I've dropped both from a foot or less onto carpet and encountered hundreds of dollars in repair bills. Just seems to be how it lands, I guess.
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PF McFarland
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Good that it landed on the rear cap. That absorbed part of the shock, the rest being distributed over the entire mount flange. With no cap on it you could have had a bent mount, plus internal damage.

I was sent a Nikkor 24mm once that had been dropped on it's rear with no cap. It wouldn't focus to infinity anymore, and the baffle was all bent up. Thought if I removed the rear baffle and straightened it, that would solve the problems. Mechanically, it seemed okay after the operation, but when I shot with it I found out the optical block was now out of alignment, making everything on the left side of the image out of focus relative to the image plane. It was hard to see that in the viewfinder, but definitely showed on the prints. I'm still thinking of having it rebuilt because its a somewhat rare early version.

Good luck with yours, Joe, sounds like it has a good design build to take that kind of punishment.

Waiting for the light
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back alley
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[IMG]10.01.xe3.60.2.4.sm.leaf_edited-1 by joe, on Flickr[/IMG]

seems to be ok...
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krapow moo khai dow
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About a couple months after getting my X-E1 (ages ago) I dropped the camera face down on the 18mm lens. It hit so hard that the lens hood bent inward and shattered the attached UV filter. The threads were so twisted I had to tear off the filter with some pliars. Sometimes using the manual focus is a bit finicky but the AF is still accurate. Since then the lens has been splashed with beer, been inches above saltwater in the ocean, and been bumped and knocked around in large crowded concert halls. So, from my experience I can say these lenses can take a beating.
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