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Rollei's Worth?
Old 08-23-2018   #1
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Rollei's Worth?

While talking to B&H today I was approached by a gentleman who had overheard my conversation about film cameras etc. He claimed he had a darkroom for sale and a Rollei. He did not know the model of the Rollei or its condition.

My question is how do I find out the worth of the Rollei. I have only owned one TLR in 50 years of photography and it was a Yashicamat if memory serves.

I plan on going over and checking out the camera sometime this weekend and will report back on this thread. I know Rolleis were made until recently and can be worth $$$$. And I suspect there are people who do CLA's out there.
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Rollei? Like 35mm camera? Or Rolleiflex? And there are so many variations including the baby Rolleiflexes, Rolleicords etc. And then there is the condition. CLA's from a decent place now run about $400 with a long wait.
It seems that this gentleman is not the actual user of the camera, he just somehow acquired it to sell.

Here is a really useful resource for ID-ing the camera via serial #. This will get you on the path of knowing what you are looking at and what it is worth:

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Old 08-24-2018   #3
Dan Daniel
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When you look at the camera, take some photos. The important areas are the front, showing lens labels and any buttons or levers, and the left side, where the focus knob is located. Also look at the wind side for wear on the outer edge of the raised circle- a good indicator of usage. Ah, just use your phone and photograph all sides of the camera.

Camera serial number is on the nameplate at top (most times, if not, look below the lower lens)- write this down or make certain it is clear in any photo.

Check focusing in and out- should feel smooth without wobbling. Wind the lever 'forward' clockwise 3/4 turn, then back until it stops. Do this a few times for feel. After winding forward and back, fire the shutter; repeat. Set shutter to 1 second and listen/watch for how long it stays open- sticky shutters are common. Look at the lenses for obvious scratches, etc. Open and close the focus hood on top a few times, feel for binding, etc. Check how the back aligns with the main body, and open/close it a few times. Sit the camera on a flat surface and see if it rocks on its 4 little feet.

After this you can start doing research and get closer to a possible value. Sometimes the camera will need work before it is usable, so this needs to be figured in. But not every Rolleiflex has to be overhauled before use.
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Old 08-25-2018   #4
J. Patric DahlÚn
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The asking prices are all over the place these days. The best way to determine the value of one is in my opinion by finding out the model and condition of the camera in question, and then find similar cameras on an auction site and see how much they have sold for.
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Roger Hicks
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If you've only ever had one in 50 years, why do you want another? I've had a few and don't get on with them, and it would need to be a rare or interesting one at a very good price, which I could sell at a profit, before I'd even consider it. Then I'd need to find someone who wanted to buy it.


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