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TLR Forum - Twin Lens Reflex another alternative to the dreaded SLR way of seeing, this forum for all format TLR cameras

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Mamiya TLRs have their own sex appeal. They are a whole different paradigm from the Rollei product, and they are brilliant in their design. They are full system cameras, they are well engineered, they are rugged, and they offer a level of flexibility unmatched by any other brand. They do what they were designed to do and they do it reliably. They are Super TLRs!

I would still like to have a high-end Rolleiflex, too, but I don't think I could bring myself to part with one of my Mamiyas or Minolta Autocords to get one.

- Murray
Still shooting film: Medium Format with assorted TLRs; 35mm with manual-focus Minolta SLRs and a Canonet.
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Old 02-09-2015   #82
Nick Merritt
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The Rolleiflexes with Planar or Xenotar are the best; I think that's generally conceded. Their cost is what sends folks in search of cheaper alternatives. The earlier Rollieflexes with Tessars or Xenars are a great alternative. Yashicas seem to get grudging respect -- the lenses are great but build quality can be a question (though I've never had a problem myself, and the meter in the 12/24/124/124G is really very useful -- better than the selenium ones in the Rolleis). I honestly think, though, that the Rolleicords might be the best combination of light weight, top build quality, and optics -- the Xenar is really excellent. The shutter release is odd but you get used to it easily. If you "need" a Rollei, get a Rolleicord -- the V is maybe the best value.

I think the world of the Mamiyas, but I'm not getting into that this late at night!
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Old 02-10-2015   #83
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Totally agree about the kalloflex. Tank of a tlr!

Am also eagerly awaiting a ricohmatic 225 (have wanted one for ages).

Both are true sleeper tlrs!
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Old 02-10-2015   #84
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Rolleiflexes have not only an excellent mechanics, but also a great number of accessories, that work without pain. Lenshood and filters for example have a bayonet system that my MF folding cameras doesn't. Shooting with a Rollei TLR is a pleasure.
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The Mamiya 330f is a good camera. The only thing is, that when I look through my 40 years of mf negatievs, I can see which are made with the Mamiya's and which with the Rolleiflex F. Those are definitely shaper and not as soft. So yes, "better" is really better and absolutely no brand snobbery.

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I have a Yashica Mat 124G and a Rolleiflex T. The 124G has been my first TLR and amazed me by the huge difference in terms of quality between the 135 and the 120 formats. Then I have bought my Rolleiflex T. It was most due to GAS, but I have been amazed once again by the difference in both image and build quality between my T and my 124G.
So, I guess that it is not snobbery, but really better quality. And it makes sense if you think of it. When it comes to equipment that is not rare, higher price usually gets you better quality and performance. It goes the way same as in lenses, the more expensive the lens, the better it performs (again we are comparing lenses for everyday use and not collectors items).
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