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Photo Software Discussions of all the photo software - except scanning software which is in the forum with scanners.

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Darkroom printing lives
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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
It's just the blatant disregard for their customers that annoys me.

I'm a twenty odd year user of photoshop or other adobe kit, I had it on maybe twenty machines maybe ... I had 11 designers at one time, plus what I had at home, and the kids college stuff ... and now it can just stop working without explanation, and I have to put up the cash or shut up ...
They simply focus on their core customers, graphics designers and digital artists. For these, the new pricing model is a good deal.

For the rest of us, it's time to find alternatives. I use GIMP for all my business-related image editing, and 'darktable' or Lightroom 3 for my photo-editing.
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Originally Posted by Sparrow View Post
... I'm surprised by the level of consumer compliance myself

I wouldn't put it quite as strongly as Ranchu but the ease with which these corporations get away with abusing their customers is staggering.
Compliance for one consumer is good business sense for another. The current Photographer's Package is not attractive for those who rarely/never upgrade software applications. Its economics is almost neutral if LR meets 75% to 90% of post-production needs. For those who require (or prefer) access to PS, it saves money.

I never bought/used PS because the upfront investment and yearly upgrade costs were too high, with CC they are not.

Corporations have been abusing compliant customers throughout the entire spectrum of the consumer economy for a long, long time.

In this case there are alternates such as Pixelmator (OS X), to name one.

Inaccurate, misleading statements about the CC business model actually help Adobe in the long run. When the facts are shared, a reader or two might reconsider ill-informed opinions. This is essentially free marketing for CC. It would be more productive to criticize Adobe's actual shortcomings... which have no defense.
Basically, I mean, ah—well, let’s say that for me anyway when a photograph is interesting, it’s interesting because of the kind of photographic problem it states—which has to do with the . . . contest between content and form.
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... you should be a politician, all those sweeping statements, unsupported assertions and even some made-up on the spot percentages ... it was the rhetoric and wishful thinking in the last paragraph that finally convinced me though, you have my vote sir!
Regards Stewart

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It's a kitten moment
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It's a kitten moment

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