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Turning off the auto-focus green light confirmation on X Pro
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Turning off the auto-focus green light confirmation on X Pro

Hi all,

I was wondering if it was possible to turn off the auto-focus confirmation green light that shows up when focus is confirmed on the X Pro 2? I do not have one yet but considering acquiring one, but I wanted to check if this was possible, as I have trouble with the flashing lights, and was hoping to be able to use an uncluttered OVF with a sound for auto focus confirmation. From what I have read you can disable the focus frame in the Disp. Custom Settings, but was not sure if this will also prevent the auto focus confirmation from showing up?

Thanks for any assistance.

Kind regards,
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No, the confirmation in the OVF still shows up. It lights up solid though, not flashing. It is a very minor display in the OVF. BTW, I tried it with focus confirm off and if you do that you really don't have much of a way to know what the camera focused on unless you use the ERF function to show the focus point.

There is also a green LED down near the bottom of the camera that flashes and confirms AF. You won't see that with your eye to the camera though. And if it was bothersome a little tape would cover it easily. It also shows when the camera is writing to the card.

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Jamie Pillers
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I cover these lights with a bit of gaffer's tape. I've also covered the X-Pro1's LCD screen with Aki Asahi leather... reduces chimping to near zero and makes the process closer to film gear.
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A Luigi case with back cover works well for this too. Still doesn't cover the focus confirm 'light' in the OVF though.

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I'm not sure you can turn off the AF confirmation in the viewfinder. Using the OVF, I don't think you would want to do so anyway. It's sort of necessary if you consider it's doing the job of the split image RF patch in Leicas by showing when you're in focus. Audible signals are easily missed in a noisy environment and I find them to be obnoxious otherwise.

But the light doesn't flash so it probably won't matter. It only lights up when you press the shutter release part way and it goes off when you stop applying pressure. You can also focus or lock in focus using the AFL/AEL button which keeps the light constantly on if that bothers you. Just remember to press the AFL/AEL button again to return to regular focusing.
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I agree completely with Dogman.

The X-Pro 2 OVF finder AF lock indicator (green confirmation) is useful when working quickly.

Another useful OVF tool is the small optional AF focus window. In the OVF the Digital Split Image window view can be changed to focus-peaking display mode as well. Besides confirming focus this finder window indicates the focus area. Flicking the OVF/EVF lever turns the finder window on and off. I prefer focus peaking, I find the split-window contrast is suitable only for vertical objects.

The audio signal can be useful. You can lower the volume. I think the audio AF lock conformation helped me adjust and adapt to the AF system. The X-Pro 2 AF is fast and reliable. It can be used many different ways, so people should be able to implement an AG solution that meets their needs.
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