15f4.5 LTM Voightlander and M5
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15f4.5 LTM Voightlander and M5

I may be swapping my M5 for an M2 (sold the M2 to a friend a few years ago and swapping because we are bored). My friend had never been bitten by the Leica bug until meeting me. He uses a M2 and Rollie as his primary travel cameras. I sold him both the 50 f1.5 Nokton and first version of the 15f4.5 for use with the M2.

My question is will the 15f4.5 work on the M5 without interfering with the metering arm. If memory serves, it will. But I had sold him the lens before getting the M5 from Sherry.
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If you know how deep the meter arm is from the flange I may be able to help.
The 15mm ltm is 0.6 from the flange to back element, this would be helped by the thickness of the adaptor. My 21mm SA protrudes 0.8 and is a big No No with an M5.

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Not sure if this helps, but I used the 15mm m-mount voigtlander VII on both leica M5 and leica CL with no issues.

If the optics are the same, which i think they are, and the lens casing behind the mount is not bigger than the m mount version, I think you won't have an issue.
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Would wonder if the metering would be accurate with the rear element being next to the CDS cell.

If the 15 does hit the CDS arm: lenses of this type can be used, if their mounts are modified so as not to raise the lightmeter arm.

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