Cataracts and Cameras
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Gerry M
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Cataracts and Cameras

One lens (eyeball type) done and one to do. Now I need eyeglasses for EVF, but not for OVF!
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Bill Clark
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Did you hear about the gent who went to his eye doctor. After examining him, the doctor came back to inform him of the test results and said, "You have a cataract!"

The gent said, "the heck I do! I drive a Lincoln Continential." Ha!

Have a nice holiday.
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I had that done (both eyes) about four years ago. Incredible outcome!! I went from being about as blind as a bat to having near perfect vision. And colors are again amazing, blues and purples especially.

Of course there's the need for reading glasses. But that's a very small price to pay.

Good luck with it!
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Ronald M
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I was told I have them . At last exam, as a last test I was asked to read the chart. I read the 20/15 line by accident which is better than normal.

I never heard of a person who did not have a good outcome.
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seeing eye
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seeing eye

I had my left eye done almost a year ago. So much clearer. I now shoot with my left eye, though I'm right eye dominant. I never had a problem with an EVF but the cataracts in my right eye provide a yellow tinge through both an EVF and OVF. Hoping to get the right one done soon. Rangefinder focusing is interesting. Hang in there, it'll get way better soon. Gotta love all of those drops.
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Old Guy with a Corgi
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Had both my eyes done in 1998. Still see better than I did when I was a kid. If you need it, don't put it off. My Wife got the new focusing lens inserts and they work very well. One side was a bit nearsighted, but the doctor is going to correct that. I think they are great, and so much better than trying to live with cataracts.

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Have had both eyes done as monofocal set for infinity. EVF is corrected with built in diopter adjustment. For all OVF I need the diopter setting at zero, which for most cameras (including rangefinders) means a +1 diopter (with Nikon, at least, a +1 is referred to as '0')
Craig Cooper
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