lenses for the SD quattro?
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lenses for the SD quattro?

Question for SD Quattro users: what lenses do you use? I really cannot think what lens I would put on that camera.

If I look at the focal lengths I use now (all in FFeq to make comparing easy):
- 21mm, use it not that much but find it often needed inside. A 24mm would probably just as good for me.
- 35mm, my main lens. Use this for at least 80 of what I shoot.
- 50mm, use it as a short tele for details
- something longer but 135mm is plenty, could live without it.

So I come out at the 17-50/2.8 OS or the 17-70/2.8-4.0 OS. Can they do the sensor justice?

I'd love primes, but I do use my lenses at f/4-f/16 so while the f/1.4 ones might be great I'm not lugging that weight along. And not having stabilisation together with the limited iso of the foveon makes it too hard for handheld use inside.
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good question. i don't know how many sd quattro users there are on rff.

i've been seriously considering the sd quattro, and was thinking of getting the bundle with the 30mm and eventually getting some other primes. but you bring up a good point about the OS - it can help offset the poor high iso, with static scenes at least. i hadn't thought about it that way. on the other hand, dreams of using foveon in low light may be a path to disappointment. although with the merrills, high iso b/w isn't bad.

i'd also be curious to hear from someone using the 17-50 with the sd.

ETA: i found this thread with sd quattro/17-50, the user seems happy with it.
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Don't know what to think about this. I get the impression that the Quatro isn't as popular as the Merrills were.
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