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Rolleiflex T shutter button - issue?
Old 07-27-2016   #1
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Rolleiflex T shutter button - issue?

I purchased a few months back a Rolleiflex T and have been enjoying it. Since i first received it there has been a slight resistance/ delay in the shutter button, not when pressing but when retracting after triggering the shutter. The shutter speeds are all more or less on to my ear, so this really doesn't affect performance. I am wondering however if I should be concerned that there is a problem on its way...

as always, I'd appreciate the insights of those who know. I am not interested in sending this for a CLA unless and until it is absolutely necessary.
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Old 07-27-2016   #2
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Mine does not have that resistance. Try a cable release and see if it is doing the same. It does make a click upon lifting your finger off the shutter release.
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Old 07-27-2016   #3
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Probably just caused by degraded lubricants or a weakened spring.

You can see that spring on this image. The bottom arrow points to it.

Not much to worry about I guess. Just get it CLA'd when I really starts to bother you.

Kit Version of Rolleiflex T (09) by Hans Kerensky, on Flickr
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Old 07-28-2016   #4
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The shutter button on the Rolleiflex T has never been a soft one and it has a fairly long travel till tripping the shutter.
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Old 07-28-2016   #5
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Thanks, all. The trouble is on the "rebound" after the shutter trips, and I guessing from the way it feels that it may indeed be a weak spring, as Hans suggested. I will try with a cable release this weekend and see if there is any different response.
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Old 07-28-2016   #6
Dan Daniel
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You can put a small drop of very light oil on the base of the shutter release itself, to get it to go inside the mount as you push the shutter. Very small, very light, then wipe off what you can after pushing the shutter a few times.

The other possibility is that there is oil around the base of the shutter and it is gumming up a bit. This will cause the pressed metal ring with levers on it to not return as smoothly as it should (the spring Hans mentions attaches to one of these levers and pulls the lever back towards the shutter release after use).

I had a T that had a super-loose shutter lock. After firing it seemed to rotate a bit toward the lock position just because... well, it just did. Check out the lock to see if it is loose and/or moving.

By the way, does winding the film push the shutter release back out? On some cameras like this, the cocking of the shutter during winding will also move the ring with levers. I don't remember the action of the T on this.

All in all, if this is the only issue I wouldn't open it up.
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