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Thumbs Up or a Grip or both or nothing (or half case)
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Thumbs Up or a Grip or both or nothing (or half case)

It seems like every Fuji needs a little help in the grip department. What say you?
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Depends a bit on the Fuji. For the XE2 I usually have a thumb grip on it and sometimes have the Fuji grip as well but usually leave it off to keep the size down.

For the X Pro 2 it is either as is or with the Fuji grip. If I am using bigger lenses on either then the grip is on.

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Old 01-12-2018   #3
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I'm in favor of grips, in general. Provides a very secure firm hold on the camera.
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One of the things I love about Fuji cameras is the small size. But the smaller size and packing the back with buttons can sometimes be unwieldy for those with large hands. I use Lensmate thumb grips on all my Fujis--XP, XT, XE. Improves handling significantly without adding bulk. Gives the thumb a place to rest without pressing buttons inadvertently. Works for me but others may prefer fuller hand grips.

One note--I've used cheap generic model thumb grips before settling on Lensmate models. I personally like the Lensmate better and I can justify its higher price. Never tried any of the other higher priced brands.
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One of the reasons I like Fuji is that they don't have pronounced grips.
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Mark A. Fisher
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I got a Gariz half case for my X100F, as well as a Lensmate folding thumb grip. That combination has proven best for my needs. I have the same half case and thumb grip on my X-Pro2.
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I just wish they'd change the standard leatherette, which feels especially flimsy and slippery on the X100F, to a more substantial one...
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I have the Fuji grip on an XE1 - works well, not too obtrusive and they are very low cost these days (mine was £9)
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I think cases and grips and shutter releases are just for pimping out your Fuji. Completely unnecessary. YMMV.
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I cant speak for the Fuji specifically but on my Leica M8 I use both a half case and a thumbs up. I find they each have a place in stabilizing my hold on the camera. And yes it pimps the camera too. The camera came with both the standard base and a base with inbuilt grip. I used the latter for a while but found that I liked the extra grippiness conferred by the half cases leather over the extra hold conferred by the hand grip. In general I think all small form cameras benefit from some kind of help in this department. I have owned and used Olympus, Sony and Panasonic cameras (all except Fuji on fact :^) )and it applies to all of them. Of course DSLRs tend to be different due to their larger size and the fact that these days they usually come with a large hand grip inbuilt.
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My Xpro1 came with a grip. I took it on and off at first as it is quite heavy but put it back on when I realized it balanced nicely with 23mm f2; namely, it no longer tips forward when on the shelf!

And it does help in the handling...
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