28mm Elmarit v3 or asph v1
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28mm Elmarit v3 or asph v1

Iíve been in some situations lately that Iíve wanted to go wider than my Summaron 2.8. I am looking at the v3 for 900 or the asph for 1500. I shoot exclusively film and have mostly classic rendering lenses and love their charm. Does anyone have any experience with both these lenses?

1934 Contax Sonnar 50 1.5 uncoated
Rigid and Collapsible 50mm Cron
35mm Summaron 2.8
35mm Nokton 1.4 sc for my fast lens

This is what Iím normally shooting now. Iím not SET with my Leica focal lengths yet, so I figured I would try them and have a mass sell off at some point and narrow my keepers to 2 or 3.

Sorry for the long winded post, I just feel itís important to know what I have now to keep somewhat of a consistent feel across focal lengths.
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Kostya Fedot
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Then I came to Canada, I was surprised how huge are police horses. With III this country sharm is well kept...

You have five lenses. Two are non Leitz (one uncoated), they are not consistent with three Leitz, which are very close in time they were made and which glass, coatings were in use.
III is from eighties and have very distinguishable look on BW prints, if you pay attention for details. It is different from Rigid and Collapsible. And different from Summaron. But it is still Leica film lens from eighties. Elmarit 28 ASPH is 2006 lens, if I'm not mistaken. Different era, methods and author of the lens.

If you want to be consistent, two lenses from same line and version might works. Like Summarit-M 35 and 50. 2.5 or 2.4. At least, you might be at the same contrast and colors rendering...
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I have not used the V3 so do not know if it possesses the qualities you are looking for. However I have owned and used the 28mm Elmarit APSH and it is a high contrast lens much higher contrast than V4 and well higher than the Summicron V1 which is now my most used M lens.
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Michiel Fokkema
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I used to have the V3, and v4. I preferred the v4 which is really nice and more classic in its rendering then the apsh. The v3 is huge. I also liked the rendering an IQ of the v4 better. Then I went to the VC 2,0, sold that one and now have the asph. which fits my 35/2.0 asph better in rendering, is smaller, lighter and also has the e39 filter thread (my whole set has e39 now). It's painfully sharp. If you like classic rendering better, I'd recommend the v3, or even better the v4.
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I think the only strong point for the asph is its size.
If you can live with a slightly bigger lens, I would save money and get a Konica Hex 28mm.
If you want to enjoy a tiny killer, get the asph.

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Richard G
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Yes, the ASPH 2.8 is sharp, tiny and contrasty. I don't dislike it. I've had some great shots from it. I want the Summicron ASPH first version but will never get it. I love the luminous photographs I've seen with that.
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