Using MF enlarger negative holder glass in V750
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Using MF enlarger negative holder glass in V750

Im just getting tired of the floppy negative holders and had an idea that I could use the glass from the negative holder in my medium format enlarger to get the negative flat when scanning directly on the glass.. Just afraid that the scanner glass will give me newton-rings...?

Could this work and have anyone tried something like this?


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Short answer- You'll probably get Newton Rings.

Long answer- It depends on the type of glass used on the neg holder (none of the glass holders I've used in enlargers had anti-newton glass; yet they didn't give rings on prints because of something to do with the light source of the enlarger), the type of film (non-chromogenic films seem less prone) and even then it varies image-to-image. In my experience, sandwiching film between glass for scanning has always produced newton rings- my solution was to wet-mount with mylar. No rings and great scans
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I have a V750 and use it atm with the included film holders and with some anti-newton glass plates on it. The problem with that is, the film can still bulge downwards.

Since quite some time I plan to try it on the scanner glass itself to get sharper results. I will scan a batch of film in a few days and I will report back on it how it worked out for me.

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Doug Fisher was (is?) selling anti Newton glass inserts for V750, but as noted above, it does not solve all problems. In practice, you would need to tape tensioned negatives to the glass in order to keep them flat.
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I scan 35 and 120 size filmstrips sometimes this way with my V700. Filmstrip, emulsion-side facing downwards and a one-side frosted glass plate of roughly the size of the scanner glass plate on top of the filmstrips, matte side in contact with the film. I have never seen Newton-rings in my scans and the large size glass plate holds the film flat (combination of weight and capillary forces, I assume).
- Gabor

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