Leica holster / carrying system
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Leica holster / carrying system

Now that I have small children, I've found that my beloved neck strap is no long suitable. That's because leaning over turns my Leica into a heavy pendulum which is likely to wack my child in the face.

So I need a new system. I've looked at holster's, but I can't decide what is the best solution.

Has anyone considered this the spiderpro system?


Perhaps combined with a wrist strap?
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Those things are terrible. I got one of these:

and carry my camera the way I always have.

That is a joke. I reached no satisfactory conclusion about how to carry or deal with an infant or small child and a camera at the same time. The closest I came was to buy an UpStrap and carry the camera on one shoulder while carrying the infant in front or small child in back.

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I've continued by search which has led me to Peak Design as a solution.


I really like the idea of clipping the camera to a quick release on the hip. I'd combine it with the clutch (https://www.peakdesign.com/product/straps/clutch) and do away with a neck strap entirely. The camera can also be protected with a 'leash' in the unlikely case of a failure of the clip.
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I saw the word "holster" in the thread title so the first thing I thought of was the Think Tank holsters. They come in a variety of sizes; you'd probably need the smallest one for a Leica. Attaches to your belt.

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I'd never hang a Leica from a 'holster', ever. Perhaps the ThinkTank offers a safer solution.
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I don't often sling my camera over the neck traditionally. I usually wear it bandolier style. Takes away a lot of swinging and bumping. I find the camera stays a lot closer to your body this way. You can even move the camera to your back as well very easily this way.
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I really love the Leicagoodies "sling" thing.

I use it without any strap. It's great if you don't mind having your hand occupied while you walk around. I tend to walk around holding my cameras, and only use a strap for a TLR.
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Swinging cameras on a neck strap is also how you get dents in filter rings.
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